Is Hosted Voice Finally Ready for Prime Time? (an excerpt from Hospitality Upgrade, Summer 2014 issue)

“Switching to above-property solutions requires everything gets transmitted up to the cloud and back down. Popping up a guest check-in screen is fine if it gets delayed a half second or so – but not voice,” said Frank Melville, president of PhoneSuite. “A solid HSIA connection with plenty of bandwidth is crucial – as is a clean internal LAN architecture. We’ve seen several hotels implement a hosted solution without doing a VoIP stress test or architecture modification in preparation for a hosted voice solution. Quality suffered, tempers get short, and the customer must fall back to a premise-based solution.”

The Bottom Line on Hosted Solutions

Is it time to stop deciding on what technology you’re going to purchase and instead compare service providers and service level agreements? Rather than purchase one big box that has to talk to another big box in a computer room in the basement, is it time to strategically determine what cloud-based middleware will enhance your communications beyond what has been? Is it time that recurring costs are stabilized instead of fluctuating? Is it time to be able to change directions on a dime instead of acting like the Titanic? It is prime time for hosted voice.

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