Sustainability & EV Charging

Are you behind the EV Curve? (excerpt from Hospitality Upgrade, Spring 2015 issue, by Dan Phillips)

Electric cars and hybrids have been around for a while, and they've got to recharge somewhere. At the time of this writing there are approximately 280,000 electric vehicles in North America. By 2020 the number of these cars on the road should reach 3 million (source, Current take rates across the United States are small, but in states such as California and Georgia, take rates are just above 5 percent of cars sold. There are municipalities and power companies that have public solutions, and of course, consumers can go to places like Home Depot to purchase their home based charging stations. But what about hotels?

Is a solution like this really viable in our industry? Diane Estner, founder of DANNI Enterprises, said, "I began DANNI Enterprises to support fresh concepts for the hospitality market. Bringing a new, highly relevant technology, like charging stations for electric cars, to hoteliers is just one example. Hoteliers have an opportunity to support and personalize the overall guest experience by offering a place for guests to 'charge up' more than their bodies."  

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